We are professional manufacturer with expertise that has more than a decade of experience in design & manufacture vision measuring system for all kind of industries which requires precision measurement.


Quality, Competitive pricing and superior service support are our core advantages. We assure our products are manufactured with the highest quality standard, affordable pricing and excellent service support.


Our professional sales team can provide details proposal and competitive pricing to meet customer requirement.
Our Service team is ever ready to support our customer by providing technical assistance and consultation.

About Us

GNS Vision systems are used by manufacturer to improve their product quality and widely use for application in plastic, metalworking, electronic, automotive, semiconductor and others industries.

We have the experience and skills you can trust. We have the expertise to design and manufacture the mechanics, optics, electronics, and software used in our products.

In today’s world, improved productivity is everyone’s goal. Innovative measurement technology from GNS Vision provides precision for you, precision to make quality products with the confidence. You can count on us to improve your productivity.

To perfect your measurement, GNS vision is your best choice in Vision measurement system.

Let us make vision measuring easier.