Optional Zoom Lens & Adapter Tube

Optional Zoom Lens & Adapter Tube     Video Magnification Adapter Tube (Approx) 0.5X 0.67X 1.0X(Std) 2.0X Attachment Lens None(Std) 15-90X 20-120X 30-180X 60-360X 0.5X 7.5-45X 10-60X 15-90X 30-180X 0.75X 11.25-67.5X 15-90X 22.5-135X 45-270X 1.5X 22.5-135X 30-180X 45-270X 90-540X 2.0X 30-180X 40-240X 60-360X 120-720X

3D Touching Probe Measurement

All of  our Pricis manual & auto optical measuring machines can work with U.K. Renishaw touching probe to measure and get 3D measurements. Large file of view,fast and accurate edge detection,autofocus and high intensity programmable illumination. Touch probe to measure 3D surface or features that the vision camera cannot access.